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World famous Gem Therapist, Numerologist and Palmist of Himalayan fame
Proper use of gems strengthen the benefic effect of planets and nullify their malefic effect on human lives. Your future good or bad can be enhanced or tamed by proper use of gems. Wearing gems ornamentally may bring ill luck to the person wearing them in wrong fingers or in wrong combination. Ignorance of  law is no excuse and the same rule applies here. Luck can be attracted,decision and actions can be influenced, diseases can be safeguarded and controlled by  proper usage of gems. Fame and success in business, career, media & politics can be achieved by gem therapy.
Shoot your problems, questions, queries regarding health, finance, emotion, litigation etc. I will help you achieve your aim by proper use and combination of gems. Give your name, birthday, time, year and place of birth. Also mention the name of person or company your problem or connection exists. Mention any ring, metal, stone  you are wearing and for what duration.  Mention which hand you write and play with. If using both hands write specifically what you do with right hand and what you do with left hand.  Also mention your gender whether Male or Female
Gems (eastern or western) will be suggested to you. The weight, quality, colour  and shape of the gem will be mentioned. The day and time to be worn, method, ritual, hand and finger or pendant will also be suggested.
"One is born and one dies. It is in between how you fare."
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